We’ll always welcome the best organisations to sponsor our shows

Red Lamp Radio offers individual sponsorship opportunities from as little as £5 for every live show.

They’ve been created to offer your organisation increased exposure to our radio show audiences and all sponsors will receive the following recognition benefits.

  • Sponsor recognition alongside the event or show listing when promoted in official Red Lamp Radio promotional print pieces or in electronic communications.
  • Sponsor’s logo with a link to your corporate website on the relevant Presenters page for the show that is sponsored.
  • ‘Brought to you with’ and ‘Thank you’ acknowledgements to the sponsor in all pre-recorded jingles featured in the show (at least 3 times an hour) and at least 4 live links per hour during the show too, 2 of which will always be at the commencement and close of the show.

If this is something that could benefit your business, drop me a note at craig@redlampradio.com & let’s chat!

Red Lamp Radio & Your Business – Let’s Grow Stronger Together!