We’re always looking for the best people & organisations to join us!

From day one, we’ve thought variety, so everyone who works with us will have the opportunity to share their favourite genres and music with our global audience.

We’ll always look for talented, innovative and friendly people, who will flourish in our culture and share the attitudes & aspirations it’s built on, which are:

Our remote workplace environment is a great platform for people who share the stations values but can also feel free to be themselves, which we believe is the best environment to encourage & generate good ideas, shows and entertainment.

We respect everyone’s contribution, team members, associates & partners. We also respect your family commitments. We understand that balance is key.

We take pride in what we do & in exceeding expectations. We expect to provide an informative, entertaining & professional radio experience for all listeners & we take pride in helping our presenters do this.

We share a conviction that all our shows, music, interviews, etc, will actually provide that informative, entertaining & professional radio experience for all listeners, and we wouldn’t even consider including anything that didn’t.

You can only get out what you put in, so what you put in matters. We’ll match your efforts, putting in time and attention to your development so you gain & refine the skills you need to succeed. By stretching ourselves continually, we’ll all help to ensure Red Lamp Radio continues to be a world-class broadcaster.

However long you join Red Lamp Radio for, you’ll gain skills and experience that will encourage & support your broadcasting journey.

We absolutely believe that working with Red Lamp Radio should be a fun & personally enhancing experience, which is why we’ve created (and continue to nurture) an environment where all our team members, no matter their age or experience, can contribute to it.

Red Lamp Radio was created to both entertain our listeners and offer broadcasting experience to radio newcomers too! So yes that’s right, you too could be a DJ on Red Lamp Radio!

Experienced or not – if you think you can add value and entertainment to our station, then we want to hear from you!

We operate a ‘broadcast from home’ structure, so you’d need access to a quiet space with your own computer, microphone, headphones & music library, along with suitable broadcast software (we use SAM Broadcaster Pro) a stable internet connection, and a regular time slot you’d be available to broadcast your show.

All styles and genres are welcome and full training will be given if needed, so if you’d like to add your name to our list of presenters, drop me a note at craig@redlampradio.com & let’s chat!

Why not give it a go!

Red Lamp Radio would love to hear from all budding marketing and social media experts!

If you have skills and or ideas that you think could help the station, drop me a note at craig@redlampradio.com & let’s chat!

Red Lamp Radio can provide dedicated broadcasting for a variety of corporate or private events, which could be anything from a pub disco to a local market or retail outlets.
The event location would just need its own sound system and computer/phone/tablet, along with internet access to broadcast the dedicated show(s).

Most of these specific functions would also work best with ‘someone on the ground’ taking requests and giving real time feedback to the remote presenter (although retail outlet shows wouldn’t require this as these broadcasts would generally be to entertain and inform their customers of offers etc whilst in store).

Costs are negotiable and would depend on the timing and length of the dedicated show required.

If this is something you think you could help the station sell, set up, organise and deliver, drop me a note at craig@redlampradio.com & let’s chat!

Red Lamp Radio – Great Music, Great Team & Great Fun!!